Every day brings new exciting shipments into Ricambi America. Just when you think you’ve seen all the really cool Ferrari parts you can imagine, we get something in the door that just really trips your trigger. Today, it was an original, genuine F40 tool kit. The pictures really tell the whole story. We actually got several of them, so for some lucky F40 owners, here is a chance to have a brand new tool kit with all the pieces and parts!

We also got an absolutely beautiful batch of custom slotted 348/355 brake discs into inventory. Actually, they were destined for my personal Ferrari 348 because of an upcoming track day. But, before I could even open the boxes, a customer in Oman gave us a call and purchased them for his car. Back across the Atlantic ocean they go… along with several other performance brake items to make his car stop on a dime (or is that an Omani rial?)!


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