Market got you down? Get something sweet!

With so much lousy economic news in the US these days, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all the negativity heard/seen/read in our media.   A few days ago, instead of turning on the news and looking at how the Asian markets performed overnight, my 3-year old son had a better idea:  take the Ferrari for a drive (top down!) to go get breakfast pastries!
What a fantastic idea.  With a few quick buckles, his Recarro Sport kid seat was safely bolted in the Ferrari.  Two quick pulls on the targa latches and the roof was off.    In the brisk October morning, it was a bit chilly in the car (ok, is was downright cold!), but once into the sunshine we were plenty warm.   We have two great bakeries nearby — a European style bakery “Ollies” and a Moravian style bakery “Dewey’s“.  We like them both — but since Dewey’s takes a few minutes longer to reach (and we can scream through some freeway underpasses), we opted for it instead.    While I like the ambiance of Ollies better, I think my son prefers the big glass cases of pastries at Deweys.
As the founder of Ricambi America (The Ferrari Parts Specialists), my day starts cranking by 5:30am with calls to England and Italy to secure purchases of necessary Ferrari parts (for instance, we have some incredible tools in the pipeline with Hill Engineering.  And, another big batch of those cool wheel caps is somewhere over the Atlantic too).  But as the economy slows, there’s a little more breathing time each day.  Its nice, because spending the early part of the morning with my son before he goes to pre-school and my phone starts ringing is a GREAT way to start any day!
He chose some type of chocolate covered thing-a-ma-bob for his treak.   I opted for a decadant pain-au-chocolat.   We popped ’em in a box, raced home, and enjoyed them with Mom (yes, we did get some cinnamon rolls for her!).
While our drive was only a few miles, there were plenty of smiles from both of us.  And our tummy aches were largely gone by lunchtime.
Stock market?  What stock market?
(and by the way, a nice side effect of the economy is a stronger US Dollar.  Ferrari parts get a little cheaper when we’re able to import them at 1.35 EURO instead of 1.65 like early 2008.)

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