Ditch the office, hit the track!

In the VIR Paddock

In the VIR Paddock

Owning your own business is really a life-altering proposition.  There is absolutely zero downtime, and the concept of a vacation is usually comical, at best.   With Ricambi America, in the Ferrari parts environment, there is always a car urgently in need of something — whether its a new clutch for a track day, fresh wheel center caps for a concours, or even a major service kit, customers always want their items fast.  Although Ricambi America is spread through three different time zones and has inventory strategically located in several facilities, its still difficult for me (as the business owner), to actually relax and leave the “office” behind.

Happily, Ricambi America is more than a job. Selling Ferrari parts is more than a career. It is really a 100% obsession/passion that surrounds all things related to Ferrari.   So for me, the greatest possible escape from the telephone and computer, is simply a day at the track in my Ferrari.   This week our local Ferrari Club of America chapter hosted a track day at VIR (Virginia International Raceway).  The 3.7 mile rolling road course is, as once described by Paul Newman, “heaven on earth”.

In addition to stretching the legs of my Ferrari at 7500 rpm and hearing the fantastic wail of my car, I get to hang around with my good friends in the local Club.  They’re equally obsessed with Ferraris, but haven’t yet managed to abandon their medical, legal, or other ‘professional’ careers in order to surround themselves with Italian exotic cars all day.  I did!  And I’m never looking back.

Anyway, it was a great day with cars and friends.  Next track day?   Not until March.   😦


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