New Lamborghini and Ferrari Parts Coming Soon!

As we at Ricambi America expand our business beyond our core Ferrari parts world, we are now becoming deeply involved in Maserati and Lamborghini parts as well.  One of our primary suppliers in England, Hill Engineering has been instrumental in helping us to develop custom Lamborghini parts which allow owners to personalize their cars, improve their cars, and just have fun in their garage.

Our first “bespoke” item is an oil filter tool which allows the easy removal of the Gallardo oil filter housing.  While Lamborghini makes a similar tool, it was priced into the stratosphere and really of marginal quality.  Similar to Ferrari tools, the manufacturer produces these tools for workshops, but gives little thought to how they’ll be used over the years.   Now, with Hill Engineering at our side, we have released tool OFT-05 for the Gallardo.

Ferrari and Lamborghini Parts - Oil Filter Tool

Ferrari and Lamborghini Parts - Oil Filter Tool

Next up, will likely be an item very similar to a popular Ferrari part we sell — skid plates!   The skid plates are made from either extremely strong plastic, or billet aluminum.  Mounted to the lower side of the front bumper, they are basically invisible to a passerby, but do an outstanding job protecting a Ferrari or Lamborghini front bumper when the car crosses a concrete parking lot apron.  Rather than the ‘crunch’ sound of a $4000 bumper scratching the ground, the skid plate gives itself up and protects the bumper.   In terms of popular Ferrari parts, the Hill Engineering skid plates have been a huge success.   Now, we’re designing them for the Lamborghini Gallardo, with an expected release date in early 2009.


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