Goo be Gone! No more sticky Ferrari Parts… forever!!

Anyone who owns a newer Ferrari (348, 355, 360, 430, 456, 550 and so on!) shares a mutual frustration with the sticky, gunky, melting of their interior plastic parts. Ferrari, in their infinite wisdom, chose to coat many plastic items with a textured rubber coating for purely aesthetic reasons. Yes, it looks great when brand new. However, within a matter of months and a few hot days in the sun, the rubberized coatings begin to melt and stick everywhere. Amazingly, even a $250,000 Ferrari is prone to this mess.

Some people believe the mess is because of cleaners like Eagle1. Others claim its the result of damaging UV rays on the interior. Regardless, it is just amazing that Ferrari owners tolerate this gunk. Simply touch your A/C vents to redirect air and the gunk is on your hands. Touch the rear-view mirror switch and the gunk is on your hands. To make the situation worse, if you then touch the nice leather seats, the black gunk is easily transferred to the seats and makes a horrible mess. Ferrari knew about this problem with interior parts as early as the 348 (1989), but in their ongoing blindness to customer pleas, they continue to use it on the latest 430 Scuderia and California.

So, what is an owner to do? For many years we at Ricambi America have been selling replacement plastic panels (genuine Ferrari parts) which look great and fit perfectly. But unfortunately, they are also coated with the same messy rubber which degrades and turns to goop. For F355 owners, we have offered a fantastic HVAC overlay to ensure the air conditioner panel never goes sticky again. But those original plastic pieces? What’s a Ferrari owner to do? The answer is here!

As long as you’re not planning to enter an FCA sanctioned concours, a new company has emerged to professionally refinish the panels with an extremely strong black paint. The coatings are strong enough to survive in a mass production Toyota, but beautiful enough to fit perfectly in a Ferrari. The company , is run by a true Ferrari enthusiast (and F355 owner!) who can also professionally install our air conditioning panels.

Last week, I tore my 348 apart and sent all my interior Ferrari parts for professional refinishing.

Although I certainly could have pulled new ones from the shelf at Ricambi America, I really wanted to see the results from Stickynomore. Within 3 days my panels were returned — and in a nutshell, I was absolutely speechless. The quality of the finish is superb. The color match is excellent. The durability — I can already sense — will be outstanding. Here is some of their handiwork: Ferrari Parts Refinishing

As much as we’d love to sell new plastic pieces to every Ferrari owner on Earth, I strongly recommend the service of As an owner myself, I know the plight of these interiors, and do think (for non concours cars), this is the ideal solution.


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