Ricambi America Overrun by Fur Parts ?? Yikes!

The Ferrari Parts Mascot! At Ricambi America, we receive nearly a hundered telephone calls per day, from customers looking for original Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari parts. Although I have a beautiful view of Winston Salem from my office window, it seems I’m usually sitting to my computer for hours upon hours and unable to get outside and enjoy the fresh air…

Well, the solution has arrived! Remy, my puppy Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever is like a one-hour countdown clock. The process of house-breaking (or office-breaking!) him forces me to put down a nifty carbon fiber panel, or amazing new Ferrari tool, and get outside for a potty break every sixty miuntes. Originally, I thought I would miss “something critical” being away from the desk. The truth is, it’s nice to just enjoy the fresh air!

Should I change the company name to Fur Parts ? Or Furry Parts? Nope!  Let’s keep it Ricambi America. The name is already known around the world for quality, passion, integrity, and the most knowledgeable Ferrari parts staff in the business.

I’m confident Remy will be trained soon enough. Then, our breaks will involve chasing tennis balls and maybe even an occasional Testrossa rim or other Ferrari part that rolls away (just kidding).

*** On a more serious note, we’re in the process of working with Hill Engineering in London on a clutch thrust bearing for the Lamboghini Gallarado. It’ll be a geat way to save some money, and get a fantastic Lamborghini item that is vastly superior to the factory version. Watch this space for more information.


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