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Holidays at Ricambi America – The Ferrari Parts Specialists

December 23, 2008

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why our Ferrari parts business actually gets “crazy-busy” around the holidays. I thought most folks would be busy buying gifts for their spouses, children, co-workers, etc. instead of thinking about their Ferrari in a snow-bound garage. Boy, was I wrong!! This week, Ricambi America has shipped more Ferrari major service kits than I can remember in a long time. I think it must be folks getting ready to work on their Ferrari in the New Year, and just want to have all their Genuine Ferrari parts in the right place and ready for work.

Next week we’ll also be installing one the first Ferrari 348 Challenge Grill kits. It is an aftermarket item to transform the back of the Ferrari 348 into a round-taillight treatment similar to the F355 and 360. Fingers crossed, it should look great!


Heavy metals at Ricambi America!

December 11, 2008

Well, they are not exactly rhodium or palladium, but we did get two super cool, hard-to-find original Ferrari parts into our inventory at Ricambi America today. First, is a pair of genuine Ferrari 348 Competizione manifolds. I’m not sure what the difference between a standard 348 manifold might and this might be (probably dimensions and/or sampling ports), but it is pretty amazing that something like this still exists!

Huh? You didn’t know that a Competitzione had different manifolds? Actually, in our on-line parts diagrams you can review the references to the difference countries and versions of Ferrari manifolds: 348 Exhaust System (shown as part #23)

The second ‘heavy metal’ that we received today is a wheel nut for a Ferrari 512BB. While we at Ricambi America don’t specialize in the vintage Ferraris, when we saw this available for a nice price, it was too hard to skip! We’ll just toss it onto the shelf and see what happens.

Assuming everything goes smoothly with FedEx Customs tonight, I’ll have an amazing Ferrari diagnostic computer in my hands tomorrow morning. 🙂

Wednesday brings new fun Ferrari Parts

December 3, 2008
Ferrari F40 Headlamp from Ricambi America

Ferrari F40 Headlamp from Ricambi America

Things have been pretty hectic at Ricambi America for early December, but I wanted to post up two very exciting Ferrari parts that arrived from Italy and England this morning.

First, we obtained an extremely hard-to-locate F40 headlamp. A bitch to locate, and even harder to photograph properly, this is one of those fun Ferrari parts that makes unpacking cold boxes a whole lot more exciting! Sadly, it is not for our inventory and is already destined for a customer in South Africa.  Thirty-six hours from now, it’ll be on the other side of the earth.

In a different shipment, we received from Hill Engineering some great remanufactured versions of Ferrari tool 95972906 for torquing the F355 heads. The Ferrari version of the tool is a piece of junk which breaks/bends within a few uses. For a professional F355 technician, this is a fantastic tool to add into the bin. Custom Ferrari parts from Hill Engineering are always superior to OE ones, and this is no exception. With redesigned teeth, stronger steel, and a more attractive price, we expect Ferrari shops to scoop these up quite quickly.

….and one more item arrived but I’m not posting any pictures just yet 🙂