Wednesday brings new fun Ferrari Parts

Ferrari F40 Headlamp from Ricambi America

Ferrari F40 Headlamp from Ricambi America

Things have been pretty hectic at Ricambi America for early December, but I wanted to post up two very exciting Ferrari parts that arrived from Italy and England this morning.

First, we obtained an extremely hard-to-locate F40 headlamp. A bitch to locate, and even harder to photograph properly, this is one of those fun Ferrari parts that makes unpacking cold boxes a whole lot more exciting! Sadly, it is not for our inventory and is already destined for a customer in South Africa.  Thirty-six hours from now, it’ll be on the other side of the earth.

In a different shipment, we received from Hill Engineering some great remanufactured versions of Ferrari tool 95972906 for torquing the F355 heads. The Ferrari version of the tool is a piece of junk which breaks/bends within a few uses. For a professional F355 technician, this is a fantastic tool to add into the bin. Custom Ferrari parts from Hill Engineering are always superior to OE ones, and this is no exception. With redesigned teeth, stronger steel, and a more attractive price, we expect Ferrari shops to scoop these up quite quickly.

….and one more item arrived but I’m not posting any pictures just yet 🙂


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