Heavy metals at Ricambi America!

Well, they are not exactly rhodium or palladium, but we did get two super cool, hard-to-find original Ferrari parts into our inventory at Ricambi America today. First, is a pair of genuine Ferrari 348 Competizione manifolds. I’m not sure what the difference between a standard 348 manifold might and this might be (probably dimensions and/or sampling ports), but it is pretty amazing that something like this still exists!

Huh? You didn’t know that a Competitzione had different manifolds? Actually, in our on-line parts diagrams you can review the references to the difference countries and versions of Ferrari manifolds: 348 Exhaust System (shown as part #23)

The second ‘heavy metal’ that we received today is a wheel nut for a Ferrari 512BB. While we at Ricambi America don’t specialize in the vintage Ferraris, when we saw this available for a nice price, it was too hard to skip! We’ll just toss it onto the shelf and see what happens.

Assuming everything goes smoothly with FedEx Customs tonight, I’ll have an amazing Ferrari diagnostic computer in my hands tomorrow morning. 🙂


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