Grillin’ and Chillin’ in the Ferrari Parts World

As most of our customers know, I am an rabid supporter of the Ferrari 348, and have one in my garage too. It is a Ferrari that was strongly criticized from the press when it was released in 1989 and never made much of a commercial success. The cars sat in showrooms for months as dealers had difficulty finding customers during a down economy with a ‘less than loved’ Ferrari model.

At Ricambi America, we sell original Ferrari parts for just about every modern Ferrari on the road — but when 348 owners contact us, of course I take a special interest in their cars, and certainly share their excitement (and frustrations) for these little 8-cylinder gems. Whether a customer requires a new clutch, brake pads, major service kit, or just something cool like aluminum racing pedals, I love to hear how customers are living with their 348. Unlike the later cars such as a Ferrari F355, 360 Modena, F430, Scuderia, or Stradale, the 348 is a little 8-cylinder car that was ‘modern’ in its day, and experienced some significant teething pains.

So, leaving aside all the genuine Ferrari parts that might be needed in the mechanical realm, critics then focus on the styling. The massive side strakes for cooling, while a bit odd, are generally liked by the public because they remind people that a 348 is a ‘Baby Testarossa”. On the other hand, the rear grill of a 348 is usally disliked. With its rectangual tail lights, and aluminum grill work, it looks non-Ferrari. Missing were the iconic round taillights of previous Ferraris. In fact, so ‘unliked’ was this design, that Ferrari immediately reverted to the round taillights with te F355 and hasn’t turned back!

Last week, I was lucky enough to receive a prototype version of the Ferrari 348 Challenge Grill — aka, the LeMans Grill for my car. I’m still in the final stages of fit and wiring, but the pictures above show just how neat it looks! Maybe not for everyone, but for a die hard 348 fan like me, it’s the perfect Ferrari part.


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