Dang, where did the temperature go?

Ferrari Parts Navigation at Ricambi AmericaIt is like an icebox outside today! It’s so darn frigid today that I’m having a difficult time thinking of what to post in my blog! Last night we updated our Internet site to better guide customers through our detailed Ferrari parts images and catalogs In addition to familiar layout on the primary parts page, we now offer a tree navigation from anywhere on our site. This new format also nicely accommodates our Lamborghini parts, and Maserati parts — in addition to giving us some expansion opportunities in the new folder structure. Hopefully this design will assist our global customers and allow them to have a richer, more detailed, and more satisfying experience at Ricambi America.

I recently saw this phrase “International service from one of the worlds largest Ferrari parts inventories, we have more Ferrari parts, more Ferrari parts experience and better Ferrari parts prices than most anyone in the business” and thought it does really nicely summarize Ricambi America.


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