Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ — take two !

Previously, one of the most sought after items we sold for 360 and F430 owners was a set of original Ferrari Challenge Stradale wheels. With the release of the F430 Scuderia and 16M, it seems everyone wants to get those stunning new wheels on their older Ferrari. Because Ferrari parts for current production models (like the Scud) are often limited by the factory in Maranello for resale until a certain period of time passes, we were delighted to get several sets of these Scuderia wheels into inventory on Tuesday!

They are all already sold (and already re-packaged and shipped onward to customers), but its great to know they are now available. We can order them in both titanium (shown) and the race-inspired Ferrari gold. Are they cheap? Nope. Are they an absolutely amazing way to make your Ferrari stand apart from the pack? Yeah baby!

Our new website design is also now fully operational! Although a few little issues were identified after the go-live, our site at Ricambi America is up and running and looks fantastic. We chose to integrate some of our advertising photos into our mainpage — trying to make the image and ‘feel’ of Ricambi America more consistent across different media.


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