Ferrari Parts WOOT ? Only at Ricambi America!

A Ferrari Parts WOOT? What the heck???  Mike was downstairs packing up some oddball items and commented that our stock of Challenge Stradale TCUs had grown much too large! So, taking a page from another fantastic Internet site, I though we should offer a deep-discount these items and see if we can lower our stock position to a more reasonable level. Holding thousands of genuine Ferrari Parts on our shelf at Ricambi America might look neat to a visitor, but its quite an investment. No need to carry too many of these items in inventory as long as our sourcing in Italy remains strong. So, for customers with a 360 Modena or 360 Spider who want to experience neck snapping fast F1 shifts, this swappable Transmission Control Unit, is just the item! It is a genuine Ferrari article with the 2004 Challenge Stradale firmware.  Got a different Ferrari and need parts?   You can always find just what you’re looking for through our on-line parts catalogs!

Take it to the track, and have some fun. Yes, around town the shifts of your F1 will be a bit rougher, but at high revs, you’ll feel like Michael Schumacher at Monza. 🙂


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