Bugs or Boogers?

On a recent drive down to a Ferrari Club of America meeting, my Ferrari 348 developed a strange “Check Engine Light”. Huh?? In several years of ownership, I have never seen the CEL lamp lit, so to watch it burn brightly in my eyes for 400 miles was pretty nerve-wracking. The car seemed fine — except at steady throttle around 3000 rpm on the freeway. There, the car would occasionally stumble, and the revs would drop a few hundred.

When I got home, the first thing I did was realize however my car got fixed, it would be only with original Ferrari Parts. The good news, is that as the founder of Ricambi America, I have a good sized warehouse at my easy disposal. That doesn’t mean finding the problem would be easy — it simply meant finding the correct Ferrari Parts would be simple.

So far, I’ve pulled an cleaned just about every electrical connection in my Ferrari engine compartment and treated the pins with Stabilant 22a. Next, I pulled and inspected the oxygen sensors in the Ferrari. What I found was pretty annoying: the passenger side O2 was black and a bit oily. The right side O2 was dry and white.

Yikes!  Something is running poorly on the right side of the car. Well, after several calls to professional techs, and a lot of digging, I believe the problem might be in the fuel pressure regulator (in this Ferrari Parts diagram, it is #73) If the regulator is stuck, it’s quite possible that bank of the car is receiving erratic fuel loads and thus causing the O2 sensor to report a messed up condition.

Hopefully I’ll get back to the garage today and continue working through this problem.  After all track season is approaching!


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