More than just Ferrari Parts!

For the past few years, Ricambi America has been offering a fantastic product named “Berlinetta Shade” and thousands of other original Ferrari parts. Now, for the Lamborghini with a massive piece of glass and sauna-like interior temperatures when parked in the sun, Garfield Exotics has a solution for the Gallardo!

The Berlinetta Shade by Garfield Exotics, is made of rip-stop nylon with black underside and a steel grey outer layer. It reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays and keeps the interior of your Gallardo significantly cooler on hot days. No more shrinking leather dashboards, no more gummy plastic parts! Taking up almost no room in the car, it comes out of a little pouch the size of a small purse and fits on the outside of the windscreen with extreme ease. The Berlinetta Shade is held in place with three small surgical grade suction cups and the wipers at the fourth point. No more knocking your rear view mirror out of position!

Each Berlinetta Shade is custom cut for an exact fit to your Gallardo windscreen. These are not one-size-fit-all solutions, or a generic product — they are a Gallardo-only, enthusiast design.

So, while Ricambi America continues to be the leader in original Ferrari parts, our Lamborghini parts catalog continues to grow!


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