New Ferrari F1 Actuator Tool at Ricambi America

Ferrari Parts 95973271 Actuator Tool from Ricambi America

Ferrari Actuator Tool (95973271) from Ricambi America

In the past, we sold a very few 95973271 tools to professional shops around the world that desperately needed this item. But, at $1300 a pop, its too darn expensive and it takes several F1 jobs to get a return on this investment.

Well, once again the wizards at Hill Engineering have released their beastly (10+ pounds!) version of the 95973271 tool, and priced it within the reach of every independent shop working on these cars! The Hill Engineering version is dimensionally identical to the Ferrari one, but much nicer to own. This tool (like the Hill Engineering gearbox bushing extractor) has a home in every shop’s tool bin. It’ll work on 360, Stradale, F430, and Enzo actuators.

Several of these arrived today at Ricambi America, and they’re available for immediate shipment. We have them available on our site here, at only $290: Hill Engineering F1 Actuator Alignment Tool

This tool, in addition to thousands of other genuine, original Ferrari parts and accessories can always be found on-line at Ricambi America.


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