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Goodbye 2009; Hello 2010 !

December 31, 2009

It is difficult to believe that 2009 is just about gone, but indeed today is the final day of the decade. At Ricambi America, we had a very strong year selling original Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini parts. I think we sold about 7 SD3 diagnostic computers, a whole pile of Lamborghini body panels, plenty of Ferrari clutches, and more timing belt service kits that I can even remember.

What’s coming for 2010? Plenty of good things! We expect to have new Hill Engineering 308/328 tensioner bearings in Q1 (a long overdue upgrade for owners of the great classic 8-cylinder Ferrari), and later in the year a new Lamborghini Gallardo clutch thrust bearing.

In 2010, we also plan to extensive upgrades to our inventory of Larini exhaust systems, and a aggressive push of their full product catalog — including manifolds, catalytic converters, and exhaust bypass pipes.

We recently launched an on-line chat feature on our website too — allowing customers who prefer to not use the telephone or email to actually chat us live and in realtime regarding their Ferrari parts requirements. It’s a solution managed by, but matches our requirements at Ricambi America perfectly. Depending on when you’re reading this blog, you can actually chat with us now! How cool is that?


Carbon Fiber, the best for your Ferrari

December 3, 2009

Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles for Ferrari F430Tis the season for new Ferrari parts at Ricambi America!

In the past, we have sold several sets of OEM F430 Challenge shift paddles. The paddles are longer than the stock ones, and improve paddle accessibility when the wheel is rotated (and more applicable to street driving, when the drivers hands are not exactly at 9 and 3 o’clock on the wheel). The stock F430 Challenge ones however are frightfully expensive and made from a fairly mundane/boring aluminum.

If you want the F430 Challenge functionality, but desire something that looks more polished in the cockpit, we are proud to now offer Carbonio Extended Length F1 Paddles

I have been so impressed with the quality of Carbonio pieces and the real pleasure of dealing with Carbonio on a B2B level, that we’re working hard to bring their entire catalog of carbon pieces into our inventory. It’ll take a while, but for now I just love the items we’ve received thus far, and I’m pretty sure you will too.