Stone Cold Ferrari Parts at Ricambi America

I like to express how hot and sexy some of the Ferrari parts are at Ricambi America, but today I’m not sure I can say anything except BRRRRRR!!!!  It is 17 degrees outside  and just too darn cold to think about much of anything except something like hot cocoa or oatmeal.  😦

We installed a high tech gizmo at Ricambi America that allows us to monitor the temperatures, and humidity at the office and in the warehouse from anywhere in the world.   It’s a nice piece of gadgetry to ensure everything stays in proper storage conditions. The Ferrari parts are nice a comfortable at 67 degrees now.  But outside in Winston Salem, it is a whole different story!

At least the good news is that my 348 is tucked in with a nice stretch satin Ferrari car cover and keeping warm on a Ferrari battery tender


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