Ferrari Silicone Hoses from Scuderia Rampante @ Ricambi America!

In the world of Ferrari parts, we sometimes get depressed at the ongoing struggle for quality in genuine parts from Maranello. Plastic that goes sticky, clutch bearings that burst, and electronics reminiscent of old British cars from the 50’s — it’s enough to make us shake our heads in disbelief.

But once in a while, we are presented with a solution that simply delights us. After many long months of design, prototyping and testing, our friends at Scuderia Rampante have released their series of silicone cooling hoses for Ferrari. There are not words to describe these hoses adequately. They are, without question, the most impressive hoses we’ve had in stock — whether by Ferrari or any other supplier.

Scuderia Rampante designed this hose to far exceed any street or track requirements for your Ferrari and to last multiple services if installed properly. This is not a “siliconized” consumer grade hose, this is 100% silicone, as good as it gets in every respect. Designed to look right in the Ferrari engine bay, the hoses are matte black with minimal labeling that is discretely hidden.  Kits include all the major cooling hoses and silicone-safe clamps to ensure successful installation on several different models.

Available at Ricambi America, and in stock for immediate shipment:  Scuderia Rampante Silicone Hoses

The buzz and excitement about these hoses had been building on FerrariChat for awhile, and since our announcement to the Ferrari community, they have been a great success.


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