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The Ferrari La Ferrari is here?

March 5, 2013

No idea how this name was released — certainly we at Ricambi America were not consulted!  Still, it is an amazing new release:



Ferrari Silicone Hoses from Scuderia Rampante @ Ricambi America!

September 27, 2010

In the world of Ferrari parts, we sometimes get depressed at the ongoing struggle for quality in genuine parts from Maranello. Plastic that goes sticky, clutch bearings that burst, and electronics reminiscent of old British cars from the 50’s — it’s enough to make us shake our heads in disbelief.

But once in a while, we are presented with a solution that simply delights us. After many long months of design, prototyping and testing, our friends at Scuderia Rampante have released their series of silicone cooling hoses for Ferrari. There are not words to describe these hoses adequately. They are, without question, the most impressive hoses we’ve had in stock — whether by Ferrari or any other supplier.

Scuderia Rampante designed this hose to far exceed any street or track requirements for your Ferrari and to last multiple services if installed properly. This is not a “siliconized” consumer grade hose, this is 100% silicone, as good as it gets in every respect. Designed to look right in the Ferrari engine bay, the hoses are matte black with minimal labeling that is discretely hidden.  Kits include all the major cooling hoses and silicone-safe clamps to ensure successful installation on several different models.

Available at Ricambi America, and in stock for immediate shipment:  Scuderia Rampante Silicone Hoses

The buzz and excitement about these hoses had been building on FerrariChat for awhile, and since our announcement to the Ferrari community, they have been a great success.

Ferrari Parts: 308/328 Door Springs ! 62311700 62311800

May 3, 2010

Ferrari Parts: 62311700 62311800 308 and 328 Door SpringsRicambi America, the Ferrari parts specialists,  is now proud to offer high quality remanufactured door pocket springs for the 308 series cars. If your interior door pocket springs have broken or gone floppy, here’s the (previously unobtainium) item you’ll need

Only sold as a matched set, the pair of RH/LH springs will fix one door pocket. In stock now, and available for immediate shipping.

Check them out here: Door Spring set 62311700_62311800

The Monaco F1 at Ricambi America

May 2, 2010

June 16th, we’re hosting an F1 viewing of the Monaco Grand Prix and a road rally for the local Ferrari Club of America chapter.  We won’t be giving away any Ferrari parts, but we will be giving away an iPad, some iPod touches, and a variety of other great items.   Based on the rally that we’ve set,  we might need to stock up on clutches and brake pads for the local Ferrari group… but I hope not !

Unexpected Ferrari Parts at Ricambi America

March 11, 2010

Ferrari 60265808 Window Terminal BlockI was digging through some bins at Ricambi America today and found two perfect sets of Ferrari 308 window rubber terminals. I certainly thought those things were long since gone, and disappeared from the face of the earth, I guess not! Anyway, I now have 2x left and 2x right hand versions of these window seals available on our website. (Left hand size 60265907 and Right Hand Side: 60265808)

Moral of the story? You never know what you mind find when you dig around long enough!”

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? Sweet !!!

January 6, 2010

It was only a matter of time before a disgruntled former contractor violated his contracts with Ricambi America and willingly sold the our intellectual content to three of our competitors. Really, I’m not surprised — he was unable to keep food on his table while employed at Ricambi, despite a massive salary — so I suppose, he needed some work. Ethics be damned, huh? He was a relatively slack worker, so nobody really expected him to aggressively find new employment once he was terminated from Ricambi.

The good news is that Ricambi America remains the leader in genuine Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini parts online. Other companies can copy our website, our content, and even our custom photography…. but they’re a long way from matching our customer service, enthusiasm, and passion for this business.

The new year 2010 promises to be a year of fantastic innovation at Ricambi America. From more advanced supply chains, to faster customer service, and new venues of product communication. Our best days are ahead — and we’re not bound by what ‘somebody else’ has already done. We’ll innovate. Everyone else can copy.

Stone Cold Ferrari Parts at Ricambi America

January 3, 2010

I like to express how hot and sexy some of the Ferrari parts are at Ricambi America, but today I’m not sure I can say anything except BRRRRRR!!!!  It is 17 degrees outside  and just too darn cold to think about much of anything except something like hot cocoa or oatmeal.  😦

We installed a high tech gizmo at Ricambi America that allows us to monitor the temperatures, and humidity at the office and in the warehouse from anywhere in the world.   It’s a nice piece of gadgetry to ensure everything stays in proper storage conditions. The Ferrari parts are nice a comfortable at 67 degrees now.  But outside in Winston Salem, it is a whole different story!

At least the good news is that my 348 is tucked in with a nice stretch satin Ferrari car cover and keeping warm on a Ferrari battery tender

Goodbye 2009; Hello 2010 !

December 31, 2009

It is difficult to believe that 2009 is just about gone, but indeed today is the final day of the decade. At Ricambi America, we had a very strong year selling original Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini parts. I think we sold about 7 SD3 diagnostic computers, a whole pile of Lamborghini body panels, plenty of Ferrari clutches, and more timing belt service kits that I can even remember.

What’s coming for 2010? Plenty of good things! We expect to have new Hill Engineering 308/328 tensioner bearings in Q1 (a long overdue upgrade for owners of the great classic 8-cylinder Ferrari), and later in the year a new Lamborghini Gallardo clutch thrust bearing.

In 2010, we also plan to extensive upgrades to our inventory of Larini exhaust systems, and a aggressive push of their full product catalog — including manifolds, catalytic converters, and exhaust bypass pipes.

We recently launched an on-line chat feature on our website too — allowing customers who prefer to not use the telephone or email to actually chat us live and in realtime regarding their Ferrari parts requirements. It’s a solution managed by, but matches our requirements at Ricambi America perfectly. Depending on when you’re reading this blog, you can actually chat with us now! How cool is that?

Carbon Fiber, the best for your Ferrari

December 3, 2009

Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles for Ferrari F430Tis the season for new Ferrari parts at Ricambi America!

In the past, we have sold several sets of OEM F430 Challenge shift paddles. The paddles are longer than the stock ones, and improve paddle accessibility when the wheel is rotated (and more applicable to street driving, when the drivers hands are not exactly at 9 and 3 o’clock on the wheel). The stock F430 Challenge ones however are frightfully expensive and made from a fairly mundane/boring aluminum.

If you want the F430 Challenge functionality, but desire something that looks more polished in the cockpit, we are proud to now offer Carbonio Extended Length F1 Paddles

I have been so impressed with the quality of Carbonio pieces and the real pleasure of dealing with Carbonio on a B2B level, that we’re working hard to bring their entire catalog of carbon pieces into our inventory. It’ll take a while, but for now I just love the items we’ve received thus far, and I’m pretty sure you will too.

Take you Dog to Work Day?

September 30, 2009

Ferrari Parts from Ricambi America might be furry!Now that we’ve moved into our new offices and have plenty of clean well-lit storage space for thousands of genuine, original Ferrari parts, I figured I might as well start bringing Remy to work.   The day at Ricambi America is pretty hectic with all the Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini parts orders that need to be filled and shipped — but Remy makes a great companion because he’s never underfoot, and seems to guard the door pretty well.   Unfortunately, the FedEx folks have learned that he’s really just a big pushover, so its an excuse for them to take a break, pet the dog, and say hello.

So, next time you open a box of Ferrari parts from Ricambi America, if you notice a small bit of reddish dog fur attached to the packaging, you’ll know it came from our very own Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Remy.